Shipping/Freight Information


Below is our standard shipping policy since 2007.

Our standard shipping rates are an exceptional value!! Not only do you get a well-protected item using expensive packing materials, we include this cost in our product cost. No hidden or dubious fees!

You may email anytime for a shipping quote. We just need your zip code, type of bar, and wood or stone top (currently not offered). Since the stone tops weigh 400-600lbs more, this effects the shipping price by $100-$300.

Delivery times across the USA range from 2-8 days. Most eastern states will be 2-4 days. California and the surrounding area is 5-8 days. Bars may be picked-up in Lexington, but are subject to a KY 6% sales tax.

Most Eastern states run $350-$700.
California is typically $700-$900.

The average delivery charge as of 12/15/09 is about $450 for an English Tavern 80″. The ET 96″ average is $550.

We don’t charge a handling fee!

New for 2008 is the addition of the Instapak foam system

All bars now ship with custom corner guards and various other foam packing protection.

How does the bar arrive to you?

All shipping is through LTL carriers. LTL just means the big semi trucks for easy understanding. This is not white-glove furniture delivery. The English Tavern is shipped on a single pallet the size of roughly 48″x85″. The bar is now boxed in their www.543a44.cnponent pieces.

In some cases, there could be 2-3 pallets. The bar is lift-gated from the truck and can be moved into your garage via their pallet jack. Granted, this scenario is subject to your house and driveway conditions.

The 96″ bars cannot be lift-gated due to their orientation. They ship in a vertical position in the truck and the regular 80″ width models ship horizontal. Therefore, it’s really impossible to get the ET 96″ on the liftgate. The ET 96″ will need to be removed from their pallet on the back of the truck and lifted down. No, this isn’t the responsibility of the truck driver.

Don’t expect delivery to be a love story. The truck driver’s just want to www.543a44.cnplete their “rounds” and get home. We just don’t want to sugar-coat this process. The problem with LTL shipments typically result in a customer NEVER receiving such a shipment before.
We have prepared a new tip sheet on receiving the bar….to help understand the process.

Grand Devon, Sir Walter, Second Empire

These bars require more help on the unloading. Again, due to their size, the lift-gate is virtually irrelevant. The GD, SE, and SW all have specialized shipping crates or other forms of packing.